"No matter the domain, the highly successful [have] a kind of ferocious determination that [plays] out in two ways. First, these exemplars [are] unusually resilient and hardworking.
Second, they [know] in a very, very deep way what it is they [want].
They not only [have] determination, they [have] direction."

— Dr. Angela Duckworth, GRIT

In A CRASH Course in RESILIENCY, you'll learn how to develop a more robust approach to the stress that visits your life. None of us are immune to stress; what differentiates us is not only how we handle it but who we become on the other side of stress.

Stressors grace our personal lives, professional lives, and everything in between. Like change, stress is the rule and not the exception; peak performers are adept at preparing themselves for stress by undergoing resilience training both formally and informally.

In this course, Kozhi teaches you the facts about stress/bifurcation and how to use stress to your advantage. He helps you develop a personal crucible where the concentrated forces of stress and life collide to bring about positive change.

"Disruption of biopsychosocial homeostasis is common to us all; the secret to resilient reintegration after bifurcation is a function of training, persistence, and choice."
— Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai

A CRASH Course in RESILIENCY will help you:

  • Better cope with change.
  • Face uncertainty with courage.
  • Win like the Green Berets.
  • Emerge with better skills after bifurcation.
  • Develop grit.

With expertise in resilience as both a researcher and practitioner, Kozhi weaves a tale of triumph in this course that is sure to be relatable as well as practical for the storms that life will bring.

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