Kozhi has spoken globally in settings of half a dozen and settings of thousands. What you'll find is that he's the same no matter the setting. While audiences appreciate great content, a well-prepared speaker, and an engaging speaker, impacting the audience is about authenticity...

Nothing replaces you — not a fancy PowerPoint, well-designed props, or any other hystrionics. Audiences literally pay you with their lives — when they give you their time, they’re giving you their most precious commodity — so it’s important to stay audience-centered. The best way to be audience-centered is to be authentic and bring the real you...”
— Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai

In this training, you'll learn the secrets disciplines (there’s no secret to it, actually) that have allowed Kozhi to be a “highly sought after speaker across the globe” and, most importantly, someone who is comfortable speaking to executives in a boardroom to close business deals as well as conference attendees in a ballroom or stadium seeking inspiration, motivation, and development.

Presenting Like a Boss, as you’ll discover, is about living the time-tested philosophies surrounding public address that date back to the days of Aristotle. Kozhi will not let you skate by with any excuses as you may hear him say, “Demosthenes had a speech impediment and practiced his craft by putting pebbles in his mouth to overcome it. You've got this!"

Besides practical tips of the trade, you'll learn how to develop a speaking approach and style that is unapologetic yet sincere...and how... 

  • The audience is at the center of every presentation.
  • The ethical implications of a speech are important.
  • The most important skill in speaking is listening.

Yes, there's much more in the course; essentially, as a communication scholar-practitioner, Kozhi bridges the gap between theory and practice to help you define and refine your presentation skills so that you step onto and off the stage with a "wow-factor" that is "drop-the-mic" worthy... 

October 1st is the next start date.









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