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Your online resource for strengths-based and results-oriented performance solutions that go with you wherever your challenges and opportunities take you. Delivered by your personal performance coach and guide, Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai, you can turn your disappointment into drive and your pain into power on your daily commute or morning workout.


5 Things GREAT Leaders DO

There are over 500 formal definitions of leadership and, to top it all off, there are just as many characteristics that make up leadership. In this lesson, the focus is less on who leaders are more on what they do. Ultimately, it is leadership behaviors that make the difference; we focus on that...


3 Keys to Compelling Leadership

Leading with courage and conviction is not easy. If it was, we'd have more "worth-following" leaders; unfortunately, many are not willing to pay the price for compelling leadership. In this course, we cover three essential keys that are required to unlock individual and team potential...


Leading High Performance Teams

TEAM. The space in which the stuff of legend is harnessed. Would you say your team nurtures such a culture? Whether you lead the team or are part of the team, we journey together into fostering the kind of culture where execution meets humanity and performance occurs...


Born Beating the Odds

It's been said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In our experience, that statement only rings true if you resiliently overcome the setback. Based on concepts in our #1 selling book, we share practical tools for resiliently reintegrating after bifurcation (yup, real word) 



Tired of being told over and over that the center of your challenges lies in your "time management"? Well, I'm tired with you! The problem has never been with managing time; the problem is with managing me. In this course, I help you muster the courage to master your key asset: me...I


Puzzle Pieces

Miffed by relationships? Constantly wonder what makes you tick, what makes others tick, and how best to align those two? You're not alone. Relationships, by nature, are challenging but there is hope. Based on research from our #2 selling book, we tackle personal and professional relationships.


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